„Vendégül látni valakit annyi, mint felelősséget vállalni jólétéről mindaddig,   amíg fedelünk alatt marad.”




Mihaly Munkacsy Museum

   The Mihaly Munkacsy Museum (Bekescsaba, Szechenyi street 9, founded in 1899) Bekes county, county museum was founded in 1899 by the Bekescsaba Museum Association. From the very beginning, a large collection circle has been developed. Archaeological, natural, paleontological, historical, ethnographic, applied arts and fine arts museum collections are constantly being collected, and in the newer times 50,000 photographs have been created. Her childhood and her younger age are packed with relics and pictures of Hungarian artist Munkacsy Mihaly who fill in Bekescsaba ... Wikipedia >>>





Munkacsy Memorial House - Bekescsaba

   In 1994, Mihaly Munkacsy opened the 150th anniversary of the birth of the great Hungarian painter in Bekescsaba, in the beautiful 8-room mansion built by his relatives in the 1840s. Of the orphan Lieb children, Michael's sister, Gizella, raised this house at Steiner. Miska had a lot of guest with their niece, István Reok. He spent the last happy moments of childhood in these walls ...
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Fairy tale House - Mesehaz -

   The home of children's creativity is a unique cultural and initiative in many ways. The two interconnected farmhouses have several functions: home exhibitions and craft workshops. The transformed maize agar in the yard is also suitable for keeping puppet games or smaller children's performances ... Mesehaz >>>






   The ShopMuseum faithfully reflects the commercial unity of the 1920s and 1930s. You can find here original shop equipment, advertising boards, 1900's National treasury, sample books, original buyer, buyer, buyer's book for buyers, ham slicer, baking powder holder, coffee dispenser, sugar holder, vinegar barrel, petroleum dispenser, handmade macaroni, spicy and confectionery boxes bottles with labels of 1930, Ants and many other goods that were a characteristic product of the era ... ShopMuseum >>>





Csabagyongye Cultural center

   The Csabagyöngye Cultural Center (previously Békéscsaba Cultural Center) is one of the most important complex cultural and cultural institutions of the county seat and the Southern Great Plain region. Our Central Institution Unit - the predecessor Youth House and General Society, - was established in Csabai Ifiház - was founded in 1969. From January 1, 2010 - after the institutional consolidation of the city, the community centers of the settlements became part of the center, thus bringing the city's decisive cultural intermediaries into a single professional base ...
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Gajdacs Farm - Grain Museum

   Farm Museum, former Gajdacs Farm, Slovak nationality-folk history museum, built in 1824. Floor plan: room with bunk oven-atrium kitchen, free-room-pantry-open-color stables. Vert wall and planed slab. The farm museum is located on the site of the Gabon Museum, where the windmill of Békésszamszom was set up. The Gabon Museum was founded in 1974 and is the exhibition of local history in the South Great Plain demonstrating the lifestyle and socio-cultural life of the mill workers, bakers and bakeries ...
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