„Vendégül látni valakit annyi, mint felelősséget vállalni jólétéről mindaddig,   amíg fedelünk alatt marad.”



Eszter Wellness Apartman Békéscsaba

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The Eszter Apartment...

The 90-square-foot spa room for relaxation and recharging hot tub, infrared sauna and a Finnish sauna.

The Esther Apartment Wellness friendly and familiar atmosphere and high quality service for its guests. The three air-conditioned rooms, unique in size and decor. Selected quality furnishings, fully equipped kitchens and private bathrooms provide the perfect relaxation.


New tools have been added to Apartment

Soccer Foosball Table

Elliptical trainer,
with built-in training programs.

treadmill with built-in workouts.

Gas grill to expand barbecue facilities.


DENTAL - Dental Center

Advanced High-Tech CAD/CAM System
(Making restorations made of zirkon)


Painless quality is a happy, contented smile


Dolls for baby cots, high chairs and other equipment is provided.



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Magyarul - in English Magyarul - in English - po Slovensky
ldikó: +36 70 525-8751 Nikolett: +36 70 563-4468
Recepció (Reception): +36 66 744-737

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